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Models work in modeling agencies that have clients from manufacturing industry to the print media. Their job is to wear the apparels, jewelry, etc. of the manufacturer and pose for a photograph or appear in some TV commercial, or walk on the ramp in some fashion shows or award functions. They even have to drive the vehicles they are endorsing for, or spread awareness in the society by providing a message such as 'save electricity,' 'protect the environment,' etc.

It is said that one needs a godfather if he/she wants to enter in the fashion industry and carve a Fashion Model Cover Letter niche for himself/herself. My opinion in this context would be different. I would rather prefer making an impressive model cover letter than finding a godfather for myself. When I entered the model industry, I was all by myself. I only had the knowledge on presenting myself in an interesting way with the help of my cover letter. Now, after spending few good years in this industry, I would like to help those entire aspirants by providing some tips on writing model cover letter.

To start with, a model cover letter should never be sent along. It must carry a resume and your photographs along with it. You must add your current contact information in the cover letter so that the person in charge of hiring can contact you. Though you are not doing any business with the employers, yet you should keep the cover letter format business. Prepare yourself before writing by taking out information about the agency the cover letter is being sent to.

Start the letter with a professional introduction. Inform them about your knowledge of their agency and show your interest to represent them. As there are different types of modeling assignments, you may be required to do catwalks for costumes and jewelry, or to appear in a TV commercial. The qualification for the modeling assignment would depend on your personality and would not be the same. If you can carry the costumes and jewelry with grace because of your height, weight and body measurements, highlight it with confident in the cover letter. This is where you can convince hiring managers that you are suitable for the types of product they are marketing for their clients.

Since modeling agencies will be investing time and money on you, you must convince them that you can justify their investment. Display your understanding about the modeling industry. Include your strengths that can prove you ideal for the modeling job. This could be your talent about singing, dancing, horse riding, driving skills, etc. Specify any training that you have received such as body fitness, aerobics, yoga, martial arts, and other foreign languages. In addition, you can communicate your thoughts on other professional aspects like sincerity, punctuality and your work ethics.

Include the name of fashion shows that you have participated in. Provide the name of the brands and fashion designers you have worked for. While promoting product such as a model, you need to make a facial expressions that can help consumers to remember and buy the product. Let the employers know that you can make a facial expression depending on the type of product you are endorsing.

Since modeling is a very lucrative and a demanding career, you must set your goals. Stating a goal statement would create an impression that you are serious about your modeling career. You can express your commitment towards maintaining a perfect physique so that any products you endorse would match your personality.

Stick to the guidelines of the agency by visiting their websites. You can get information on how they invite applications and prefer to receive it. The site will also give information on other requirements. You will come to know whether they need photographs, videos, references, or signing of the contract.

In the end, I would say that a model cover letter is written to introduce you to the modeling agencies, express interest and appreciate their work, show modeling experiences the agency specializes in and any training you have taken.

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